In the beginning…

I procrastinated.

Then procrastinated some more.

It was useful – thoughts were formed, tossed around in the streambed of my head, being polished somewhat.

You see, I’ve been wanting to start a blog to record and hopefully organise my thoughts.

So what will this blog contain? Mostly thoughts I’ve had, things I’ve done and other musings. There will be no focus, no specialty.

This blog is about my life and thoughts. You are welcome to comment and perhaps help me make my way through this thing called life.

Photo of my feet

I suppose I should tell you a little about myself.

My name is Alfred Low, born in Malaysia and live in Perth, Australia. I work in elearning and am a father of (currently) one. I like thinking. Sometimes I do it too much, sometimes not enough.

The stuff between my ears used to make strange connections and leaps. But that was in the past – now I am usually too tired or pre-occupied for my brain to do more than cope with daily life.

Hopefully, this blog will bring some order to chaos and sharpen my mind.

You are welcome to join me in my ramblings – which hopefully will be entertaining.

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3 Responses to In the beginning…

  1. Ronnie says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging, bro

  2. Adriano Armenti says:

    If it is of any solace, there are many of us, i imagine, who often succumb to the very thing you describe. I refer to my own abundant thought as the “musings of a discontented mind” or “thoughts of ordinary ramblings”. So chin up you are not alone or maybe you are. We are all alone with our thoughts. Till next our literary swords do clash I bid you a cordial farewell.

  3. DannyBoy says:

    To paraphrase… I Blog therefore I am

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